Velpeau Freecast® Adjust

Designation: Orthopedic correction, foot, stabilizing ankle brace, frontal plane.

  • Ligament lesions of the tibio-tarsal joint, stage 1-2,
  • Chronic ligament instabilities.
  • Osteoarthritis, active arthritis,
  • Peri-malleolar swelling, joint effusion, intra-articular inflammation.

Features: Velpeau® Freecast® Adjust consists of two rigid hulls, connected by a heel pad. The upper hook-and-loop strap is secured to Velpeau® Freecast® Adjust. The removable lower strap provides individual adjustment, adapted to the patient's anatomy. Designed to be comfortable due to the foam inside the anatomically shaped shells and the flexible malleolar area. Velpeau® Freecast® Adjust is delivered in one size and can be used independently for the left or right ankle.

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Velpeau Laxitéral®

Designation: Widthwise elastic and heightwise expandable orthosis.

Indications: Traumatic, degenerative, or inflammatory lesions. Ankle oedema.

Features: Silicone behind malleolus and Achilles with specific internal surface, promoting oedema resorption. Highly elastic (strong extensibility to facilitate slipping it on). Patented double-sided structure to facilitate moisture transfer. Closed heel. Contains latex.

Velpeau Airstep® Walker*

Designation: Orthopaedic correction, foot, splint mounted on shoe.

Indications: Ankle sprains (grades 2 and 3), stable fractures, postoperative stabilisation, trauma, and rehabilitation.

Features: AirStep® Walker is a two-part walking boot with inflatable air cushions. It consists of a breathable textile arrangement, a rigid plastic shell, an anterior plastic protection, and a circular adjustment system using hook-and-loop fasteners. The air cushion volume can be increased by pushing on the pumps, or decreased by pushing on the pressure release valves. Air cushion inflation is intended to provide additional ankle support, compression, and immobilisation. The shape of the sole is designed to assist walking while keeping the ankle immobilised. Adjustable toe protection.

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