Velpeau Manu Control Classic

Designation: Orthopedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-hand.

Indications: Post-traumatic therapy after moderate to severe distortions (sprains). Activated osteoarthritis or arthritis of the wrist. Tendon inflammation. Follow-up treatment of wrist fractures after surgery or plaster. Initial carpal tunnel syndrome. Instability and functional overload of the wrist.

Features: Velpeau® Manu Control Classic is a wrist brace. The combination of two integrated lateral whales, a removable palm whale and three stabilization straps ensures immobilization of the wrist. The whales can be adapted individually. The orthosis can be worn on the right or left wrist.

Velpeau Manus Comfort

Designation: Bandage with half-moon silicone insert and removable wrist strap.

  • Activated osteoarthritis or wrist arthritis following trauma after moderately severe to severe distortions (sprain).
  • Tendonitis in the hand, tendovaginitis (wrist tendonitis).
  • In case of instability and functional overload on the wrist.
  • Subsequent treatment following fractures of the wrist, operations or the placement of a cast.
  • Stage I algoneurodystrophy (SRDC).

Features: Velpeau® Manus is a knitted bandage adapted to the anatomy of the wrist, with a silicone insert in half-moon, a removable whale and a circular stabilization strap. The whale can be adapted if necessary by a specialist. The cutout of the circular stabilization strap and the silicone ball surround the apophysis (ulna styloid) at the outside of the forearm and thus protect against excessive compression pressure.

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Velpeau Manu XPro

Designation: Orthopaedic correction, hand-wrist, static orthosis, wrist-thumb.

Indications: Immobilisation in case of:
  • Post-traumatic and post-operative irritation status at the base of the hand and wrist, at the thumb carpometacarpal joint, or at the metacarpophalangeal joint of the base of the thumb, e.g.: wrist ligament lesion, lateral ulnar ligament lesion at the base of the thumb (skier’s thumb) and STT rhizarthrosis.
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis.
  • Initial carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Radial nerve paralysis.
  • During post-operative treatment of a scaphoid fracture

Features: Can be worn on the right or left wrist. Easy and convenient to apply thanks to a strap and buckle system. Latest generation three-dimensional knitting, permeable material, cotton interior, comfortable on the skin. Open, lightweight, air-permeable and not very bulky orthosis. Removable and conformable palmar attachment bracket.

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